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Michael Campo speaks with Dr. Stephanie Burgos about the bumpy road through failure that lead to her success.

Roger Brooks of American Reel invited Michael Campo as a guest on his podcast back in January 2019. This is an in depth episode where Michael speaks about his filmmaking career, Th...

How to overcome Anxiety

This episode we speak with John Spencer about overcoming anxiety

Ep. 16 - Justin Martin

The iChoose Series is now THE ICHOOSE FOUNDATION a 501c3 non profit organization. Our goal is to educate and inspire through digital media. You can visit the website www.iChoose.on...

Founder Michael Campo shares the beginnings of the #iChoose Series and the newly formed 501c3 non profit The iChoose Foundation.

Ep.15 - Kendall Ciesemier

Kendall is a journalist and producer who founded a non profit called Kids Caring for Kids. She talks about how she started this organization and how she overcame personal struggles...

Aelicia Watson, talks with the iChooseSeries about coming from poverty, overcoming cancer and how she's changing the world through her non profit organization 

1 Year Later

This episode Michael and Eddie are together talking about the impact of sharing the short film #iChooseHope one year ago.


This Episode we speak with the amazing Bad ass leadership coach and mentor Jaclyn Dugan Roof about overcoming fear through vulnerability and accepting who you are. 

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